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Theatre Talks : Celebrating World Theatre Day with Akarsh Khurana

In conversation with the one and only Akarsh Khurana on World theatre day.

Theatre is my happy place : Akarsh Khurana

On World Theatre Day, 101India gets up close and personal with the founder of Akvarious Productions on his love for the art form, how the pandemic has affected...

Still Waters, Floating Feni: Here’s how I discovered there’s more to Goa’s signature...

Cool waters swirl around my feet, as the sun plays peekaboo from between the tall trees that envelop us.

Is Bollywood in love with queer stories, but not queer people?

With each passing week, we get a new trailer for a Bollywood film featuring a prominent queer storyline, but not a queer actor is to be found for miles.

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How To Ruin A Good Film? Remake It In Bollywood!

I took the trouble of watching first day first show of 'Dhadak'.

A Unique Holi Celebration In Gujarat Made Me Realise The Joy Of Living

On the 3rd day of Holi, the Rathwa celebrate their own festival of colour.

A Festival With A Punjabi Tadka

Celebrating Lohri the north Indian way in south India.