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Gloving: Lighting Up My Life | 101 Subway

How a seriously trippy dance form became this young dancer’s escape from his personal demons.

There’s an intensely visual dance form lighting up the international dance community, and Mohit (a.k.a. Frodo) is currently the only Indian practicing it. Born out of the rave party and hip hop scene in the early 2000s, ‘Gloving' involves putting on a light show for audiences using sets of gloves with micro-lights in them. ‘Glovers’ dazzle audiences with intricate hand movements and flashing light patterns, creating a visual experience like no other.

Gloving has traditionally been marked by the stigma of drug abuse from the rave scene, but as the only glover in the country, Mohit is looking to introduce more people to the art from and keep them away from it.

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