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I Shed Tears, Reignited Dreams, And Spent Rs. 2,300 At A Mumbai Mystical Festival

I Shed Tears, Reignited Dreams, And Spent Rs. 2,300 At A Mumbai Mystical Festival

My Reiki recce and Automatic Writing experience.

Confession: I am drawn to the paranormal.  I don’t see “dead” people (yet), but I’ve always been titillated by famous Mumbai ghost stories.

Recently, I came across an event publicized as a festival of all things mystical. Some part of me hoped that it would be full of Ouija boards and women in saris convulsing as Mata possessed them. Alas, that wasn’t to be.

The event, I discovered, was geared less towards the ghostly and more towards exploring the outer realms of consciousness. It was full of stalls where believers like me could explore the various mystical arts – at a price, of course.


Some background: Reiki is a Japanese healing technique which operates on the ethos that there is an unseen life force flowing through us all.

When stress or emotional trauma disrupt this life force, the resulting blockage in your energy manifests itself in physical ailments – backaches, palpitations, and the like.

Reiki practitioners believe that these ailments can be overcome by another person’s energy – through healing hands and human touch.

The Chakra Chart with all our buttons on display The Chakra Chart with all our buttons on display

She asked me what I wanted healed. I wanted something tangible – I’d been having an annoying twitch in my left eye and wanted it gone.

There we were: with her palms on mine, and both our eyes closed.

I did what any normal person does when faced with a shut-your-eyes-but-don’t-sleep situation: I wondered if I’d switched the gas off before leaving, which of my bills need to be paid, what I can tell my cook to make for dinner – you know, the usual.

After a few minutes, I opened my eyes. She asked me how I felt. And as I smiled to say “all good!,” I was horrified to feel tears pouring down my face.

There I was, in the middle of a crowded room, in front of a complete stranger, using my eyes as a sprinkler system to water my clothes.

I was a blubbering mess. “What’s happening?” I thought to myself.  “Why am I crying?”

She smiled. The twitching in my eye, she said, was not a physical problem. It was a symptom of something mental. (Well, I certainly felt mental, sitting there, sobbing).

She told me the twitching would stop when the twitching in my mind stopped. Presumably that means: never.

Thoroughly confused by my reaction, I googled “Reiki and crying.” Apparently, it’s a common reaction. And although my eye continued to twitch at the festival, it stopped sometime later the evening.

At the risk of sounding like a fan of God TV, I felt… better. Weird, right?


Okay, so this was sorta-kinda-mostly-definitely a waste of 800 bucks.

 I spent it on…Access Consciousness - "a set of tools & processes to change anything in your life."

Confusing much? Well, let’s give it another try.

For thousands of years, apparently, we have been “programmed” to behave in a certain way and perceive life in a certain way. But what if this were not true? Access Consciousness can help us unlearn behavior and mindsets that limit us; when the inhibitions are down, life goes up.

According to the spiel, Access Bars are 32 points on the head which, when stimulated (eeks!), will release this learned behavioral patterns and allow the patient to become a new person.

My “learned limitation” is my temper and the way it can control me. For 800 bucks (I know cheaper shrinks), the problem would be fixed, forever.  

What I actually felt was a little bit like being molested for 20 minutes.  But at least I didn’t get angry with her!


I must tell you that of all the spiritual arts, Automatic Writing is the one I’ve always wanted to learn. Automatic writing, or psychography, is an ability that allows certain people to (apparently) produce writing without consciously trying to. It is, apparently, the abstract journal of the subconscious.

It’s a weird thing to aspire to, so I’ve always kept it to myself.

At this carnival of the supernatural, the auto-writer asked me my name, date and time of birth on a piece of paper.

Then she began writing on that same paper, below my information. Somehow, she knew.

She said I was into writing, or the creative field (ding ding ding) and that I would find success, but that I wouldn’t be content until I find my true spiritual calling.

Then, she looked me right in the face and told me I should learn auto-writing – apparently I got the skillz. Goosebumps!

Writing that set me in the right mood Writing that set me in the right mood

She also told me that my father was one of my foremost spirit guides and I would soon find the source of my spiritual learnings – my Sadguru.

Okay, the only Sadguru I know is a joint famous for its chaat. But when she said that, I could feel my eyes welling up again (oh the shame) as I missed my dad intensely in that moment.

Suddenly, my mind flashed back to all the wonderful times we’d shared together. Hours of table tennis; his hope that I might become a state-level track star; his unconditional support of all my decisions. My dad’s not a man of many words, but we share an unquestionably special bond.

Before I left, she wrote that everything I touch turns beautiful (not so relevant to my piece here, but very relevant to me!) and I was filled with a lightness. I felt that she could see me, as I truly am.


The euphoria of that epiphany lasted through the night, but then I’m a fairly logical person, and I’m aware that people-reading is a tool of the trade for Spiritual guides.

I can’t really explain the overwhelming emotions with the Reiki session, but come on, it doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that everyone woman in today’s professional world deals with some mental stress.

It would have been child’s play for an experienced auto writer – who must have Sherlocked 100s of gullible folks - to take some pretty well-calculated stabs at my life, like:

Creatively inclined – probably because of the way I spoke and also my colleague who mentioned that we worked together and HE was from the creative field.

Spiritual inclination – I WAS there at a mystic healing festival for the better part of the day of my own volition and had vulture-circled her zone thrice already.

My dad being my spiritual guru – that was a 50-50 shot and even if I didn’t have a connection with my dad, it would be safe to say that her words would get me thinking.

But you know what? The way I see it, my experience there made me feel great for an evening. I felt UNDERSTOOD by complete strangers – even if it is a hoax, a con-job, or a textbook example of the Placebo Effect, does it really matter if it gets the job done?

Maybe, sometimes when you hear what you need to hear, it jumpstarts some part of your brain to pick yourself up and keep going. So I can either see my experience as the fastest way to make your pocket 2300 bucks lighter, or as a great confidence boost session – like a pedicure for my soul, you know?

P.S. The day after my experience at this mystic fest, I got a reply from an auto writer I had reached out to in April. This was the day on which she chose to reply. Go figure.

Is this my sign from above…or beyond? Is this my sign from above…or beyond?


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By Rachna Mahadevan
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