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Erotic Songs, Dancing & Bleeding Faces At Kodungallur Bharani

A Malayali festival completely changed the way I think about Gods and Goddesses.

Gloving: Lighting Up My Life | 101 Subway

How a seriously trippy dance form became this young dancer’s escape from his personal demons.

Things Bengalis Say During Durga Puja

“Pujo Pujo Gondho” is not a phrase but a feeling.

It Took A Plate Of Fish Curry To Make Me Feel At Home On Durga Puja

You can take Pujo out of Calcutta. But you can’t take the feeling of Pujo away.

I Met The Muslim Hair Makers Of Goddess Durga

At Parbatipur, Durga Puja helps promote Hindu-Muslim harmony.

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Atheists Walk Into Ganesh Visarjan Festivities

At this Pune celebration, devotion is completely optional.

To Celebrate Or Not To Celebrate Dussehra, That Was My Question

A village near Delhi reveres Ravana, but still celebrates Dussehra.

I Went Behind the Scenes Of Ramlila And Learnt The Make-Up Tricks Of A Lifetime

Kung Fu coach, dancers, pilots transformed into wish-granting Gods and Goddesses.

The Muslim Boy Who Plays Sita In Ramlila

Neither sex nor religion stop him from pursuing his dream.

The Androgyny Brief | 101 The Brief

Artist Zeeshan Ali was asked to interpret androgyny through his art.