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A Day With One Of The Last Bollywood Movie Poster Artists

As hand painted movie posters come to end, the old artists struggle to survive.

A Woman's Analysis Of 'Dangal'

'Papa' kehte hai 'women's exclusive show' karega

The Bane Of Kathputli Colony: Puppetry's Slide Into Obscurity And DDA's Looming...

My conversation with the puppeteers of this colony was cut short by a surprise visit.

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Mumbai's Ballerinos | 101 Heartland

If you thought ballet was just for girls, think again.

Ravana Is Portrayed As A Dictator Who Shuts Down Dissent. Even From His Own Heads

I drew many parallels between Mahayoddha Ram and the state of society today.

Desi Pulp Ka Pasha | 101 Underground

Taking a long, hard look at the magazines you usually glance from the corner of your eye.

My Past Life Therapist Says I Was An Asshole In A Previous Life

When did they stop burning these witches at the stake?

The Delightful, Gruesome, Tarantino-esque Art Of Kathakali

Some ancient traditions are still alive in modern India.