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Desi Pulp Ka Pasha | 101 Underground

Taking a long, hard look at the magazines you usually glance from the corner of your eye.

My Past Life Therapist Says I Was An Asshole In A Previous Life

When did they stop burning these witches at the stake?

The Delightful, Gruesome, Tarantino-esque Art Of Kathakali

Some ancient traditions are still alive in modern India.

I Held Someone's Brain In My Hands And It Felt Great

How I discovered myself at the Brain Museum in Bangalore.

The Ambassador's New Bike | Amir Muharemi | 101 Chromed

Why Croatia's Ambassador to India customised his Royal Enfield at Bull City Customs.

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The History of Beer

On International Beer Day, we look back at the rich, varied, history of beer.

A Visit To The Museum Of Poop

Why you should be grateful that you weren’t born in the 1300’s.

I Used To Mosh, So The Pre Movie Kabali Bash At Matunga Made Me Feel Completely At Home

I’m part of the girl gang that joined in the revelry with equal gusto.

Despite The Majority Of Our Pop Culture Being Sexist Crap, There’s Cause For Optimism

Why I loved Sairat even though it's a regular run-of-the-mill adolescent love story.