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As An Indian GoT Fan, Walking On The Streets Of Dubrovnik Didn't Feel In The Least...

Season 6 of Game of Thrones, my favourite fantasy-medieval drama, begins on April 24.

The History Of Cannabis: Volume 1

This 4/20, we look at the rich, varied, cultural history of cannabis.

It’s World “Weed Day” Today. But Does It Really Matter?

Unless you can flaunt it legally and publically, what’s the point?

Nothing Happens. Nobody Comes, Nobody Goes. It’s Awful

I was at the fourth Delhi Literature Festival (yawn!).

'Celebrating Diversity of Bengal': India's First Instagram Exhibition

A walk through the gallery of the country's first Instagram-sourced photography exhibition.

Finally, A Place For Hipster Movie Buffs To Revel In Yesteryear Glories

How Deepak Talkies became Mumbai’s go-to place for world cinema lovers.

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The Gay Bombay Talent Show

Talent comes in all kinds of packages! The Gay Bombay Group showcases the talent of their community members in The Gay Bombay Talent Show.

I Attended My First Transgender Durga Puja In The Middle Of Asia’s Most Notorious Red...

My encounter with the androgynous Devi, transgenders and sex workers.

New Age Culture Hubs Are Screening Horror Movies, Featuring Poetry Slams, Metal Bands And...

My experience at venues that are breaking boundaries to offer every kind of art to enthusiasts.

Their Career Goals Are Simple But The Real World Isn't.

The problems faced by transgenders when looking for a job.