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Your New Pokemon Go Friends Aren’t Really “Friends”

Your New Pokemon Go Friends Aren’t Really “Friends”

We predict the creepy future of the new ‘Augmented Reality’ game.

MUMBAI - JULY 13, 2017

Charizard in Charni Road. Venusaur in Versova. Blastoise in Borivali. For the past year, wild Pokemon have been appearing everywhere, through the urban 'Augmented Reality' wild of Pokemon Go. 

Lifelong Pokemon fans, however, aren't the only ones who’ve been enjoying the game. Says parolee Joaquin Onyou: “Pokemon Go is a fantastic game. It is the reason so many people have finally gotten off the couch and out their front doors. But the truly great thing about Pokemon Go is that it gives people like me an excuse to enter these same people's homes, when their daughters least expect it."

"For years, I've had to explain why I keep showing up in places that I'm not supposed to be in," he continues. "I've made stupid excuses, I've pretended to be making phone calls, I've even pretended to be a dog who's playing fetch. But now, with Pokemon Go, I can go anywhere, and I always have a water-tight excuse for being in a stranger's bedroom.”

Pokemon Go, the scavenger hunt smartphone game that's taken Mumbai by storm since it was released last year, gives users the chance to live out their Pokemaster fantasies. Using their phones, gamers can 'hunt' for Pokemon in the wild -- the real world -- and then capture the mythical animals. The line between reality and gameplay is blurring.

“It helps that I'm not just a stalker, but also a huge Pokemon fan,” confesses Sue Do'nim, “I remember this one time I found my first ex-husband on holiday in Lonavala with his new girlfriend. Luckily, there was a Latios lurking behind them. What are the odds!”

Celebrities, who have been stalked all their lives and now carry knives, have surprisingly come out in support of Pokemon Go. “Well, earlier it was just creepy to know there was someone watching me all the time, for no good reason, even when I was fully clothed," says Sunny Leavemeleone, "but now, with Pokemon Go, there's a possibility the 'stalker' is just looking for a Diglett, right? Sure, he's not, but what if he is? People change, man.”

And what do the kids, who the game was originally developed for, have to say about Pokemon Go? 

“I love Pokemon Go. It helps me meet new people in the park," says Aradhana Talkabaddit, “they're always giving out candy.”


Pokemon Go is available on the App Store as well as Google Play store. Go ahead, catch 'em when they least suspect you.

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By Dominic S.
Illustration by Eshna Goenka