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Humour and jokes from India


Audition #1: Slow Motion Hero (With Sound Effects)

An all-Indian hero who really knows how to make a (slow-mo) entrance! Thish... thish...thish...

101 Aunty Heather Reports

Aunty broadcasts local news, gossip and rumours.

Hairy, Sweaty Men Don't Impress Aunty Much

Think twice before you invite her for Kabaddi.

Aunty Heather Vents On Meat Ban

NEW SPOT! Animal Rights Organisation- sign up Aunty Heather now.

Daaku Tuition, New Badass Teacher On The Block!

Coming soon to teach us a lesson the hard way. Die laughing!

The Shit Has Hit The Fan!

Daaku Tuition Lesson #4: Bad Words.

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Pop Quiz: Which Pink Character Are You?

Much has been said about Shoojit Sircar's latest.

Your New Pokemon Go Friends Aren’t Really “Friends”

We predict the creepy future of the new ‘Augmented Reality’ game.

When The Moral Police Take Over

Farewell spaghetti tops, tight jeans and sexy nighties.