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A Modest Proposal For A New Comedy Rule Book

It’s time to develop a new code of conduct to determine what is acceptable comedy.

#TheAprilFool: Live Pranks With Cyrus Broacha

A one-day-only chance for people to get back at the ultimate prankster, LIVE!

Everyone Has A Cross To Bear. These Are The Stations Of My Cross

Why I blame my upbringing for making me a social misfit.

Tea With Aunty - Uday Benegal Talks To Aunty Heather

India's rock legend talks chest hair, panties on stage and more.

Coldplay, Whichever Way You Look At It, Is A Mediocre Band

So it should come as no surprise that a strictly average band has made an average music video shot in an average country.

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Star Wars: Episode 7 – The Rage Awakens

Use the Force, they said. But I can't force myself to like The Force Awakens.

Amrit Maghera Dies, Sarah-Jane Dias Is Gay, Sandhya Mridul Plays Michelle Rodriguez Again

These aren't spoilers. You cannot spoil Angry Indian Goddesses any further.

Audition #35: Dead Man Selfie

A quick tutorial on how to click a killer selfie!

Audition #14: Bhaigiri

Be afraid. Be very afraid. There's a new Bhai in town.

Audition #23: How To Seduce A Woman

Ladies, control yourselves. #SerialMater, take notes.