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This Teacher's Pet Gets Only PAIN!

Daaku Tuition Lesson #3: Adjectives.

Bang! Crash! Wham!

Daaku Tuition Lesson #2: Onomatopoeia

Sushant Divgikar Gets A Lesson In BDSM

Watch him turn a shade of grey as Daaku pulls out his gun.

MTV Roadies Judge Rannvijay Acts Tough With Daaku

Watch the toughest teacher on the planet!

Cyrus Sahukar Challenges Daaku

Today's lesson on Daaku tuition...

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Raghu And Rajiv Getting What They Deserve...

Daaku gives them a lesson in etiquette. Learning the hard way!

Meet the Loin of Lalbaug

Captain of the Mumbai Maulers.

If You Think Nobody Noticed You Are Wrong!

A must watch for every Indian male.

The Indian Pocket Billiards League

If you thought spitting and peeing on our streets was bad enough...

Mufflerman Comes Back As Scarfface!

Watch him fight corruption and black money with his gamcha. And be selfie ready at the same time.