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First Hand Experience Of A Demonologist Who Made A Spirit Realise She Was Dead And Needed To Move On

A Demonologist Who Made A Spirit Realise She Was Dead And Needed To Move On

A 12 year old was possessed by her spirit.

Most people laugh when I tell them what I do. I'm a demonologist, one of the world's youngest, and I have dedicated my life to investigating the paranormal. I have a team to help me do this, and together we are the Parapsychology And Investigations Research Society. Yes some people laughingly say we are Ghostbusters. And just like them, whenever there's something strange in a neighbourhood, they call us. Some encounters turn out to be bogus, some turn out to be every day paranormal activities which we're used to now. But sometimes, we too are taken aback.

Possessed or psychological problems? Image source: speechfoodie.comPossessed or psychological problems? Image source:

We were called to a village about 150km from the capital city of Bhubaneshwar, where a girl was possessed. The girl in question was only 12. She was allegedly being attacked and threatened by an evil entity. The threats were for her life, as well as her family members. And this was a big family – of fifteen! And almost every one from the family had seen her in her state of possession. This is what they said was happening:

“She would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night crying uncontrollably,” her father told us. She would claim to have seen a woman in black lurking around the house.

Her aunt told us how one night after dinner, as they were making their beds, she saw the girl get flung from her bed. “Whenever there are religious rituals at home, she behaves a little off. It's why we called a local tantrik to come help her.”

“We performed a ritual to help remove these spirits,” her father continued. As per the tantrik's instructions, they set up a separate kitchen, one outside the house, so the spirits could eat there. Every day we would ask our daughter what she saw outside at that kitchen. Some days she would see a woman in white, some days a woman in red, and some days she wore black. But every day, no matter what colour the spirit wore, she threatened to kill the family. Unless the girl went with her.

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After we heard from the family, we spoke to the girl. To my mind it seemed a psychological problem. But we needed to investigate further. We began our search in the main hall, and found nothing out of the ordinary – no EMF spikes, no vibrations or anything anomalous was registered. We then moved to the room where most paranormal activities are witnessed. I had the full spectrum camera running, as well as two night vision cameras.

Woman in white. Image source: catracalivre.comWoman in white. Image source:

"So apparently you're scaring the girl and family members, why?" I asked. "Are you doing it for fun? If yes, let's have some fun together. Or if you're doing it intentionally do it with us," I continued. "Let's start with some basics, we have this device we call EDI, and another black coloured device called the K2 meter. Can you come closer, come to these devices? Help us see you. Don't scare and threaten a poor little girl, we're right here," I taunted. No response. Not even a blip on our sensors.

“WAIT,” one of my investigators jumped, “I SAW A SHADOW THERE...”

We looked in the direction he pointed towards the cot. We saw nothing. "So there is no one here. All these claims are just made up. There is not a single one here, lets wrap up!" I challenged the spirit.

Both EDI and K2 showed changes in EMF. "Thank you so much. This is what we wanted. If it was done by you, do you mind doing it again?”

And again we saw changes. As we were standing there communicating, we felt a cool breeze coming towards us – the 'chills' so to speak. The breeze was coming in-sync with the changes in EMF. "Can you all see a dark mass forming right in the corner,” one of my investigators asked. I couldn't. I sat on the cot and taunted the spirit some more to manifest itself. The cot started shaking beneath me. As if the spirit wanted me off.

Both the EDI Meter and K2 going off togetherBoth the EDI Meter and K2 going off together

Since we were getting a lot of responses from this very room we thought of fixing a camera and leaving it there. The camera was fixed on a tripod. As we were moving out, one of the investigators saw some movement. We were shocked to see the tripod moving on its own! We went through the footage to check what really happened. It looked like someone, or something, had moved the camera down to avoid being seen. We set the camera again, and fastened it tightly to the tripod so this wouldn't happen again.

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We moved our investigation on to the garden. The family had conducted a ritual as per the instructions of their local tantrik. The ritual was bizarre - a kitchen space where food would be cooked for eight days straight and fed to the spirits to satisfy them. This would make them leave the girl alone.

What they actually did was create a portal.

A portal isn't a physical thing or a beam of light coming from somewhere. A spiritual portal opens up every time you try to communicate with the spiritual world. It can happen while doing a seance or such rituals.

Since the garden was huge, we decided we'd focus our investigation on the kitchen area. This time I asked another investigator to communicate. And it was one of the most amazing interactions we ever had. It was as if we were talking to someone face to face. Every question got answered and with such perfection that, well, I still don't believe it. The spirit was confused about who or what she was. She didn't know she was dead, and we helped her realise this.

EDI going off at the gardenEDI going off at the garden

Did she take to this upsetting news well?
Wrapping up the investigation at the garden area, we went on to check the camera we had fixed up. Nothing out of the ordinary was captured. However, some of the other rooms that we previously investigated were a total mess. Objects strewn all over the place. The family, all fifteen of them, who were waiting outside the premises, later told us they heard what sounded like a scuffle in those rooms.

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Just when we were wrapping things up, we heard a loud thud on the terrace. A huge rock had fallen on it. From where? How? We had no clue. This was a village where there were no higher rises than this. There was no way someone could have just thrown this rock onto the house. It had to have been the newly deceased spirit, still angry about her state of being.

We asked the family to come back in, and told them our investigation was completed. “So our girl is safe?” We asked them to call us in a week.

One week later they told us the girl was all right. She had resumed her studies and things were getting back to normal for her.

Moving on... it's difficult. We tend to hold on to the past, to what we love. The spirit we encountered was confused and didn't really know she was deceased. Or maybe she knew, and she didn't want it to be true. All we did was help her swallow that pill and make her realise it's time to move on.



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By Sarbajeet Mohanty
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