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Real life experiences of a ghost hunter: A haunting in Kandivali


The Phantom Guest

I have been a paranormal Investigator for almost 10 years now. And in this time, I along with my team at Indian Paranormal Society have found a lot of evidence to support our hypothesis that spirits do exist and can sometimes effect things in our plane as well.
But this story is from early on in my career. It is an experience that made me change how I look at things and gave me a completely new perspective on the paranormal. In July 2015, we received a call from a very worried client who lived in Kandivali. She was a young girl in her early 20s who was concerned that her flat that she shared with her brother was haunted. She mentioned being touched by something, hearing footsteps, hearing utensils clank in the kitchen and even seeing an apparition in one part of the house. Obviously, I was intrigued. By this time, I had been investigating and researching in this field for over 2 years and had never seen an apparition. To say I was excited would have been an understatement.

I along with my colleague Meghna, went to the house to meet the client and do our preliminary research. Often, there are rational and scientific causes behind clients feeling what they have reported, which can range from living near a source of high EMF to mental illness. During our preliminary research we found that the brother and sister had recently moved into this house and had felt uncomfortable since they had moved in. The sister who spent a lot of time alone in the house had witnessed a lot more, like hearing footsteps, being touched, vessels falling down on their own in the kitchen, and as mentioned an apparition in the balcony. The brother who worked the night shift in a call centre had experienced nightmares and even felt like he had been pulled or poked while he was sleeping. He also felt uncomfortable in certain areas of the house like the balcony and a particular room.

The one notable thing the clients mentioned was that when they moved into the house, they had found that the room the brother mentioned was covered in a thin layer of slime, like oil grease from long exposure to an oil candle or fire. It covered the walls, part of the ceilings and the furniture in the room and they had gotten it cleaned. We theorised that this may be due to the previous residents having performed rituals regularly in that room.  We spoke to the neighbours, who mentioned that the previous residents hadn’t been very social. Not much was known about them and most hadn’t even seen them come or go. Places where rituals are regularly held can become concentrated with energies and can become portals where spirits can get trapped.

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While we did our interviews, we also took base readings with EMF and photos with a full spectrum digital camera. 

There was a normal base reading throughout the house but in some places, we saw minor spikes but nothing particularly alarming. The one notable piece of evidence we found was that in the balcony where we an apparition was reported we found a high EMF reading, which could be attributed to a nearby light pole. But we also managed to capture a very translucent figure forming. In the picture you can see me taking EMF readings in the balcony and behind me in the corner one can see a slight vapour in the corner! This was exciting we were definitely on to something.
We got the rest of the team with all our equipment, full spectrum cameras, IR lights, EMF meters and digital thermometers for a full-scale investigation of the flat during the night. While we setup, we cut off the main power supply to the house as it might interfere with our results. We then continued to install our cameras and other equipment. I felt very uncomfortable, like I was being watched. There was a feeling like we were being observed and not necessarily welcome.

Meghna went around the house clicking pictures with a full spectrum digital camera while I and another team mate Rith took EMF readings throughout the house. I was asking questions for the spirit to respond and after a while with no responses, I said “This might be your last chance to make contact as we will not be returning to this house again. If you want to make contact come stand near this device I am placing here.” Saying so I kept the EMF meter in the part of the corridor that the client had mentioned feeling uncomfortable in. Immediately the EMF started spiking. The meter seemed to register an EMF blast with a source unknown. We placed a second EMF meter near it and it confirmed that there was actually a high EMF source present there. We moved the second meter around that area and it showed null or zero EMF. So apparently the blast was only near the meter that I had placed as if someone actually stood there as per what I had asked it to do.

I decided to test the intelligence of the presence and gave it simple tasks to manipulate the lights on the K2 Meter by lighting only 2 lights and so on. And to our surprise the meter started responding to our requests as if someone was really standing there and responding to our requests. We did observe that the EMF readings were only spiking and that this may be due to poor wiring in the room, even though we had shut off the power supply. In order to test this we asked the spirit to move away from the device and again, we observed the EMF readings falling slowly. In no time an intelligent communication pattern was setup and most of our questions were answered.

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I was quite excited. We had been investigating for about 4 hours and had already found much evidence. The evidence we had gathered so far was great, we had interacted with an intelligent presence that was responding to questions and was able to manipulate devices on request. But we would soon capture evidence that is in my opinion undeniable. 


Meghna had been capturing photos of the entire house through the night but she concentrated on the balcony as we had observed an apparition or vapour in the balcony during our preliminary examinations. She had been taking snaps of the balcony from various angles and in one of the photos we captured what is undeniably an apparition in the balcony.
We had established that there was an energy or entity in the house, I could not say whether it was a malicious one or not. After all it had not done anything particularly harmful to anyone yet. We went back later and did a cleansing of the house and the residents reported that the activity had stopped after that. It maybe that the spirit or entity had been drawn there due to some rituals that may have been performed in the house, or for any other reason and had been trying to get someone’s attention through all its activities. And finally, having been acknowledged, it had found a way of moving on.

This experience was thus far the strongest evidence I had about the existence of spirits and ghosts and their ability to interact with our world. These experiences raise questions like, are we really alone in this universe? Is there an afterlife? Is there a different meaning to the word death or is it wrongly interpreted by people? However, it is better to leave some stones unturned.

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Written By: Siddharth Bantwal

Photographs By: Indian Paranormal Society