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I am A Woman & I love having Sex

Love & Sex


Is dating or living in as a queer couple any different than straight couples?

This Valentine’s Day, let me offer you a small glimpse into our very queer life.

What PornHub Insights Reveal About Our Sexual Habits

Our obsession with older married women continues (thank you Sunny Leone).

The Ban On Porn Sites Began With Reliance Jio’s Gagging Of Adult Websites

As a loyal customer, I have just one question – What do I use my 4G for?

"I Will Sleep Better Tonight Knowing That I Will Wake Up To A Life Of Freedom In Love"

Karan Johar and other Indians share their thoughts on Section 377 being scrapped.

Is Gen-Y A Bunch Of Commitment Phobic Tinder Addicts?

Smashing the myths around youth dating culture.

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How I Fell In Love And Jumped Into A Live-In With A Stranger In 7 Days

The lack of digital privacy and not respecting boundaries therein, led to the downfall of our relationship.

Sick Of Valentines Day

Petition for a National Single’s Day.

The Love Trip

How hosting a couchsurfer became my happily ever after... almost.

Is He A Fuckboy Or A Friend?

You’ll know when you see one. They are squint eyed and smell like guilt.

How To Move On From A Toxic Relationship

250 days, 100 fights and a break-up.