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Being From The Land Of Kamasutra, I Taught Him A Lesson Or Two

Being From The Land Of Kamasutra, I Taught Him A Lesson Or Two

The Love Trip – Part 4: Second time lucky!

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It was the worst sex ever.

A. He didn't have a condom.
B. I still agreed to it, God knows why.
C. He didn't pull out.

“WHAT THE HELL, ADRIAN,” I bellowed!

“I thought it's what you wanted... it's a lot more intimate this way...” he was contrite.

Apparently he had never used protection. Ever. How careless! Coupled with the fact that he's almost only had one night stands was starting to scare me. It did explain the bad sex though. There was never anybody who stayed back to tell him how to improve.

I spent most of the morning crying and him sitting by the door apologising. “I won't touch you again, I promise. I just didn't know...”

I came out just in time for lunch to see him a teary mess himself. I told him it's fine. Maybe both of us just came from very different places and expected different things. A morning after pill later, we headed out to explore Cochin.

We went to almost all the cafes and art galleries and sat by the beach holding hands. It was the start of the best romance of my life.

Love of my lifeLove of my life

Our love really started to blossom at the next stop – Kumarakom. The resort was by a beautiful lake, and our room had a panoramic lake view. How could love not blossom? Aidy, though he had promised not to touch me again, kept trying his luck. It looked to me that he was irritated with himself for being so attracted to me. But we agreed that best-friend-zoning each other was a safer bet. If we wanted to be in each other's lives longer than one fleeting, whirlwind romance. We spent the next two days exploring the backwaters and holding hands. The May rains only helped us get closer. He was warm. He was my warmth.

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The last night at Kumarakom, we were both reading in our respective corners when it started raining. We stepped out in the verandah to see it. It was then that we saw the most beautiful, still terrifying crack of lightning across the star-filled sky. It was the first of many. We pulled our sofa up to the window, snuggled together, while the rain nodded us off to sleep.

Desi memEnglish sahib, desi memsahib

The next morning, I woke up next to Aidy with a big smile and a surge of love. So I woke him up with a kiss and made love to him. And being from the land of Kamasutra, I taught him a chapter or two! As soon as we were done, he kissed me and excused himself to do something important.

Click a picture with me to send to his friends back home - Indian Chick. Done.

Ordinarily I'd get pissed off about this, but he told me he just had to show me off to them.

I was his to show off.

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By Meetali Meshram 
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