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This Contraceptive Goes In Your Arm

This Contraceptive Goes In Your Arm

Ever heard of a glow in the dark condom? Legend has it you can a read a book from the light emitted. The only catch is that you have to be excited to experience the full effect or the light wont have enough real estate to shine through.

The world of contraceptives gets weirder by the click. While condoms take the lead for men, the types are endless: ribbed, dotted, flavoured, glow in the dark, celebrity caricatured, extended heat release, etc. For the longest time I thought pills and condoms were the only contraceptives around. Little did I know there were more options for women than there are for men. For the ladies, there are rings and intra uterine devices, diaphragms, abdomen patches and combination tablets. I have girlfriends who complain about not having a safe and solid form of contraception that doesn’t interfere with their pleasure. I’m happy to reveal that a new age measure is here and it’s here to stay. It is the (…drum roll…) arm Implant. Tada. There’s new joy for the ladies, which means good things for us boys too.

arm implant

To demystify this device of unadulterated pleasure; it’s not something you put on your tiny tim, major tom or up your nether regions. Neither is it something you inject yourself with. It’s an implant that is placed in the upper arm of the girl and prevents babies for a stipulated period of time depending on the type. I know it sounds scary: permanently inserting a foreign object inside the arm for the sole purpose of contraception, but stay with me here. A few of my girlfriends in the past have had it and they were very happy with it. An American girl I used to be dating back in the day, which was a Wednesday I believe- summarized it perfectly “I don’t like being pregnant which means I love babies when they’re not mine.” Amen sister, I feel you.

This is apparently a very common in the west: The arm implant is a matchstick sized flexible plastic rod that protects the girl from getting pregnant for upto 2 - 5 years depending on the type of implant. The rod releases progestin which makes the woman’s cervical mucus thicker and stops the sperm from getting to the eggs.

arm implant

I decided to ask a gynaecologist, Dr. Ameya Kanakiya, from Mumbai about the implant and how many girls use this here.

“How come we don’t have this in India?”

“This implant doesn’t really exist in India. I would imagine, not a lot of Indian girls would want to put an implant in their arm from fear of being judged by their people, even if they might be sexually active and even with multiple partners. The most common form of contraception in metros like Mumbai is the pill and IUD.”

 How effective is the implant though?

“Very effective. It prevents pregnancy 99.9% of the time. You really can’t say 100% of the time. But it’s literally one of the best methods out there”

“Does the implant influence moods and behavior?”

“It does affect her moods a little. It may seem like the implant causes major hormonal imbalance to the girl’s body by stalling the natural cycle but it really doesn’t. By extended release of progestin hormone, the body naturally adjusts to this mechanism thus preventing pregnancy as easily as the body can adjust back to the normal cycle if the implant were to be removed. As soon as the implant is removed, a woman can conceive as per regular process.”

The arm implant, from statistics and reviews, might give the industry a shot in the arm. It may not be for everyone but if any of you girls out there are interested, have a chat with your gynaecologist and she’d be able to guide you further.


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By Roshmin Mehandru
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