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Great Foods To Kick-Start Your Libido

Great Foods To Kick-Start Your Libido

Food for Sex. Presenting the most misunderstood concept known to sexual beings a.k.a humans. I’m talking seriously underrated knowledge for potentially stallion performances behind closed doors or drawn curtains for those millennials who reside in door-less studio apartments.

It’s not commonly known that what you eat determines how you taste and how long you last. Today I will be sharing nuggets of gold that mean more to your food - sex life than how pretty parsley makes the salad look.

Here I will discuss good and bad foods, primo methods to boost performance and enhance body tastes. You really don’t need to answer the timeless question:  “Which one would you give up: food or sex?” What if one was the answer to the other, would you eat better to perform better? Several studies reveal certain nutrients and foods boost libido and support a fantastic sex life like you wouldn’t imagine. We all know the clichéd aphrodisiacs – strawberries, chocolate, Belgian cake,etc. That shit is old school. 


Let’s talk about some foods that can seriously boost your performance:  

1. Chillies: There’s a chemical called Capsaicin which increases blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings so you get turned on faster and longer like a mule. Don’t eat so many that you lose your taste buds, but a few every couple days should do the trick.

2. Asparagus and Avocado: These greens have vitamin E that assist body functions in producing more of your favorite hormones: testosterone and progesterone, which in turn get circulated in the blood stream and elicit responses like vaginal lubrication or clitoral swelling. So throw some of these in when you cook for two. Your girl will thank you.

3. Cocoa: It contains chemical phenyl ethylamine, a substance that brings about that subtle feeling of excitement when one thinks of sex. It basically helps your brain help you.

4. Oysters: For centuries this has been known as virility food. As trite as this one may sound, shellfish have a lot of zinc, a mineral that boosts the testosterone production i.e. higher sex drive for you and your partner.


5. Pomegranate: This fruit is brimming with antioxidants and protects blood vessel linings. Therefore its effect: increased genital sensitivity. Could greatly benefit her and you too.


6. Red wine: A merlot or pinot grigio can be pretty relaxing. Containing an antioxidant resveratrol, it helps boost blood flow and ensures good circulation before & after the joyous act. Great way to complement a light dinner on a first date.

Red wine

7. Watermelon: This is the ultimate. Containing phytonutrient Citrulline, watermelon forces an increase in nitric oxide in the body that subsequently leads to relaxation of blood vessels and faster circulation. It allows one’s body to get substantially more aroused much faster. Imagine doing it while eating melon. Damn son. Double trouble.

8. Nuts: High in amino acid arginine, and important for the synthesizing of nitric oxide, this compound is responsible for generating erections. Apparently nuts help reduce cholesterol too. Eat lots of these. Groundnuts, peanuts, walnuts, etc.

9. Pumpkin seeds: A rich source of zinc, pumpkin seeds contain selenium and vitamin E, good for the arteries and great for that muscle strength you could do more with. Keep it up.

Did you also know that too much garlic or spices in your diet can greatly affect your body’s fragrance and taste? More importantly citrus fruits like pineapple and flavors like vanilla make the love juices tastier.

What do refined carbohydrates, alcohol and menthol have in common? They all mess with your sex drive and keep you from expressing your sexual self fully. Do some basic research and you’ll find that this connection between food and sex isn’t just wishful thinking. It’s real and let’s rejoice that we don’t actually suck, our habits do. Change your habits and change the quality of your sex steadily.

Right food could mean better sex if you do it right.

Until next time.

101 Food for sex
1. Struggling with the D? Focus on some vitamin D to help restore your sexual vitality.
2. Toss the salad, figuratively and literally. Most salad ingredients help increase sensitivity.
3. Low carb diet? What if I told you bread helps increase your libido? Form or function, girls?
4. "Come up for some coffee?" No. Caffeine leads to anxiety which then affects your sex drive.
5. Other foods to steer clear from: cheese, alcohol and sodas. They'll ruin your night.



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By: Roshmin Mehandru
Cover illustration by: Eshna Goenka
Photo credits: Flickr