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I Met Hundreds Of Girls On The Streets Of Brooklyn. Cover Picture

I Met Hundreds Of Girls On The Streets Of Brooklyn

New York has become to me what candy is to a kid. The weather was balmy and the people were frolicky. The more I explored, the more I realized that Brooklyn is where you’ll find the artsy cats, the hipsters with money. The street graffiti had insane detailing with bold color. The girls were fun, free and independent. Even when they were sober.

My sojourn in Brooklyn lasted a few weeks and there wasn’t a dull moment. Not even during the four hours of sleep I got every night. I was staying with my buddy, who’s young, Indian and been living in New York for four years. The city was infested with bars. There were vintage bars and park fests. Rooftop dos and 2 storey clubs all bursting at the seam at every nook and corner.

Strolling through the streets of Brooklyn and chatting with everybody that caught my eye was super fun. I got a download on who they are, how they roll and what they know about India. Of all the girls I chatted with, I found these four to represent the real Brooklyn spirit : bold and bohemian.

As I walked into a quaint café with blue walls and small glass jars for coffee cups, I noticed a girl in the corner with glares, typing furiously on her mac pro. I took the liberty of interrupting her. 

Nicole age 32 from ChicagoName : Nicole

Age: 32

From: Chicago

Status: Single

“What do you know about India?”

“India! I was in Pushkar in February actually...I really like India, it’s so full of dualities and contrast you know. It’s magical and grotesque at the same time. The people are hospitable and yet many are so intrusive, its crazy." I had just reinstated that perception in her mind.

“Any spontaneous experiences?”

“Hmmm..Yeah this one time..I just got off my cab and danced at a street wedding! They were just so happy and  celebratory and ended up going nuts. I did all sorts of things. I also like danced at the holy temples. God that was so much fun!”

“Ever dated an Indian guy?”

“No but who knows what happens eh. A few of my friends are Indian though. They’re fucking nuts.”

I walk out of the café and head out onto the street and a girl whizzes past me on rollerblades. I call out to her and  she comes bladin’ right back.

Keera age 26 from ColoradoName: Keera

Age: 26

From: Colorado

Status: In a relationship

“What do you do?”

She laughs for a few minutes at what she’s about to say and then replies.“I’m actually a dinosaur wrangler at this interactive dinosaur park called Field Station. I know that look you have right now. Let me explain. What I do is host people at various puppet shows, performances and tours. I sorta get embarrassed about what I do haha”

“What do you know about India?”

“Oh my god. I love it. My best friend is Indian: her name is Adeetee Shankaar. She’s a psychologist yeah and I love her! I took an Indian music class too which was so tough.That sitar was so hard to handle.”

“Ever dated an Indian?”

“Uhmm no didn’t date one. But had a one night stand with one though. Now I’m dating somebody seriously so I’m off the market.”

I met Patricia while she was walking her dog between some lanes and got straight into asking her about her life in Brooklyn.

Patricia age 31 from PolandName: Patricia

Age: 31

From: Poland

Status: Married

“How does it feel to live here in Brooklyn?’

“I love this place beyond compare. I’ve been here over 15 years and I never seem to get bored of it. I’m a bartender and I work 4 jobs so it gets crazy, but I’d like to believe I have a strong sense of drive to make shit happen.”

“What do you know about India?”

“I know it’s a country with a ton of poverty. A lot of disparity. I believe that there so many cows and they’re considered sacred so the number will only increase. Holy cow. Haha ive been waiting to use that phrase for so long! I’d love to go to India though”

“True that. So have you ever dated an Indian?”

“Nope. I’ve met a few Indians that were really fun though. They can really drink”


While I was buying some rings for some girls back home at a street junk jewelry stand, a tall girl with a massive suede hat, happened to be looking at some pendants. 

Sasha age 25 from Australia

Name: Sasha

Age: 25

From: Australia

Status: Single

“What do you do?”

“I’m just travelling around..came from Spain and before that Greece, Croatia, Sri Lanka, etc. I was in Spain on a yoga course most recently!”

“Are you just travelling or modelling too?”

“No just travelling! I don’t model. But my mother used to be a centerfold model for Playboy actually.”

“Wow. Now that’s something. I’d love to meet her? Just kidding. Would you get on the cover of playboy?”

“Nooo! don’t think I’d be game haha”

“Fair enough. So what do you know about India?”

“I have heard so much about it. Infact I almost went to India instead of Spain for the yoga course but then figured I’d rather go with someone to India you know..It sure will be an adventure, can’t wait to see the country with all its colour and splendor. And ofcourse the festivals I’ve heard about. I saw pictures of that one where peope go nuts with colour. That’s definitely me!”

There was a fifth girl too. Her pictures aren’t for show though as they were taken in the privacy of her home. She was a local stylist who I met while in the line of a 24/7 store. We hit it off and ended up grabbing coffee and bagels. It was 930 in the morning. The way she looked at me eating my bagel, I could swear she had a feeding fetish i.e a  chubby chaser as they’re often called. Time ate away the day as we explored the streets of Brooklyn together and went back to hers because she wanted me to meet her cat that does backflips.

Tip 1: Meeting new people is fun! If you take too long to approach, she’ll begin to think you aren’t really the real deal. Often, the negative assumption is in your head. She might actually want to meet somebody new and make some friends. Some of my coolest girlfriends/closest friends came from random approaches I did to mess around.

Tip 2: Don’t keep thinking of the perfect thing to say before you approach. The more you wait, the more excuses you’ll come up with not to approach. By then she would have rollerbladed away anyway.  Just do it and then play with the interaction after.


By Roshmin Mehandru