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Swipe Right...To Get Married!

Swipe Right...To Get Married!

A Tinder love story shows how young people are no longer looking at dating apps just for hook-ups. 

The wedding is barely three months away. Chandani and Anindya are out hopping from shop to shop, huffing and puffing their way through reams of fabric.

It was a little over 9 months ago at a New Year’s Eve party, that Anindya (Andy) was flaunting his singlehood. In a happy state of oblivion, helped by his total inebriation, Andy had proclaimed to his friends and anybody else listening “I’m never getting married!” That very moment, Chandani was watching her favourite film'Jab We Met', and weaving her perfect Bollywood love story. She had met enough guys to know what she didn’t want. 'It was time for the right guy to come along' was the thought lingering in her sub-conscious.

Chandani and Anindya Chandani and Anindya

Talking about October last year, Andy says, “there was a dearth of interesting women out there". “My friends and I work 11-12 hours a day. Even on weekends we are too exhausted to go out and meet people.” A digital marketing professional, Andy found Tinder while “researching for work”. On the pretext of research, he decided to download the app. “It was simple to use. Swipe right if you like them, swipe left if you don’t. It’s kind of an ego boost as well,” he chuckles. “I’d never get to do this in real life. But once you’ve swiped right, you have to wait for the other person to swipe right as well to be a match. Only then can you start a conversation." For Andy, it took almost a month to get a match.

Chandani had had her share of awkward dates and flirtations. “I’m the kind of person who doesn’t know what she wants. But I’m very certain of what I don’t want." Chandani downloaded Tinder in the hope of meeting new people and expanding her friends  circle. "There are all kinds of people on Tinder", she says. “There are the obvious cheapos and desperate guys and then there are the IIM and IIT graduates, who work 12 and 14 hour days. They have no other place than dating sites to meet people. But people are not always looking to hook up. There are some who simply seek company. There is a lot of outstation crowd who are here for a little while and don’t know the place and are just looking to hang out, you know?”

April 24th. Andy on his return from a job interview at an advertising agency where he works currentlyApril 24th. Andy on his return from a job interview at an advertising agency where he works currently

When Chandani and Andy crossed paths on Tinder, Andy was almost disillusioned by the app. He had been on it for months and had hardly met anybody. Hopes had risen when he matched with Chandani, but “I had to wait for three hours before she replied to me,” says Andy remembering his frustration. He left his number in the chat window and uninstalled the app. Chandani on the other hand, didn’t give up that easily, “If I hadn’t called him, we would have never met.”

“I was just about to enter a movie theatre,” Andy reminisces, “when I got a WhatsApp text from her and I was like, ‘SCORE!’” They met for the first time in January. Neither had any expectations from the meeting but they both had a great time, driving around Thane, stuffing themselves silly with street food and local handmade ice-cream, a soft spot for Chandani. “We were great friends for almost two months,” she says, “But I didn’t look at him in that way.” Suddenly one day things changed. “We started dating on February 27,” says Andy.

Not long after this, they decided to tie the knot. The big day is exactly a year after they first met. (Jab we met?)

May 16th. A day after Anindya’s birthday, just after they decided to get marriedMay 16th. A day after Anindya’s birthday, just after they decided to get married

Looking back at their whirlwind romance, Chandani and Andy get candid about their relationship.

What qualities did you look for in a partner before you met each other?

Chandani: I was looking for an intellectual but funny guy. He had to be passionate yet liberal. And must love pets.
Andy: I was looking for somebody kind and gentle. And must love pets. In fact, that was how we first hit it off.

How did your friends react to the news that you had decided to get married?

Chandani: They were shocked! Andy never wanted to get married and my friends were shocked because they didn’t even know him then.

What do you like best about each other?

Andy: Her ability to adapt to any situation.
Chandani: His passion for the small joys of life.

What did you learn about each other that convinced you to marry?

Andy: I learnt how much she can change for the person she loves. She is willing to make so many compromises and accommodate all my mundane requirements.
Chandani: I have learnt that I can be more myself around him than I can be around myself. It is very easy to make him happy. Just give him good food. And when I come back after a bad day, he’ll always be there to make me feel at home.
Andy: For me marriage is to be with the one who I want to be with, it’s as logical as that.

Their latest picture in August at a weekend in PuneTheir latest picture in August at a weekend in Pune




By Menaka Warrier