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A West Bengal University Student Goes On To Design The 'Worlds Best Vibrator'

A vibrator that claims to bring the skill and adaptability of a good partner to your bedroom.

The Indian King Of Dating

Ramu has dated 206 women from the ages of 21 up to 106, from all walks of life.

The HIV-Positive Couple | 101 Love In India

He's HIV+, she's HIV+. They were meant for each other.

From Russia With Love | 101 Love In India

The Indian taxi driver with the Russian bride.

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A Punjabi Puttar Weds A Mandarin Maiden

I attended a Punjabi-Chinese wedding in the heartland of Haryana and it was as insane as it sounds!

I Became A Moderator For An Adult Fiction Site

They needed people who had read enough porn to turn their brains blue.

This Contraceptive Goes In Your Arm

Call it the queen of contraceptives.

This Girl Has Been On Over 150 Dates Looking For Love

In her words "it's really important that I have this man…I’ll die if he doesn’t come into my life.”

What If Our Moral Police Were Cocktails

Enjoy before booze is also banned.