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Flying Machine aka B-boy Arif: #HipHopHomeland

Redbull BC One winning b-boy Flying Machine lays down some sick moves.

Jogeshwari based b-boy Arif Chaudhary is better known as Flying Machine, an award winning b-boy. Starting from humble roots, with no formal training, classes or mentors, Arif learnt all his moves from watching professional dancers.
Arif has been b-boying since 2009. His major influences are Kendrick Lamar and Joey Badass who can help reveal what they're thinking, through their physical manifestation of dance. He loves breaking to music by some of the local talent in India – Kinga Rhymes and Mawali. He got into Bboying because it represents freedom to him. It gives him wings to fly. His technique is very technical which is why he calls him self the machine – The Flying Machine. He has won more than 13 awards for his bboying.