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beats that run deep

I like the beats that run deep

All you need is a few close friends and some cold beers, and we’re good to go.
If Friday night chilling is your thing, there’s nothing better than some deep house with runaway tech beats. Sit back, relax, and let your thoughts run. 

  • 1. Dayne S

    First up, we have German DJ, producer, Dayne S. He has a unique deep vocal take on electronica. Slightly gangsta even.
    Let’s get you moving. Here is the German bomber.

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  • 2. Andhim

    This German duo are masters of sublime grooves with what they call SUPER HOUSE. They drop melodic deep house beats which makes for a continuous flowy trip. And they really hit the spot… Each time. Known for their smashingly chill sets at the Fusion festival, they also have some memorable sets on the Get Physical radio show. Fact is, we need Andhim live!

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  • 3. Climbers

    Next up, we have some Mexicali for you. Signature house percussions, emphatic basslines, old school vocal sampling and atmospheric synth pads. Yup, all that and some solid disco thump!
    Jay Blakk and Kiko Deal… The Climbers.

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  • 4. Phonique

    Michael Vater is the bomb. If deep house were a film, he would be the hero. His parties, his deep groves... A big favourite of the Berlin scene. Enough said. Let’s up-it with Phonique.

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  • 5. Ole Biege

    This German dynamo loves sleek groovy bottomless basslines with a dash of echoed vocals. We would love to see more activity on his soundcloud though. I’ll make sure you hear it... but for now it’s time for Hi-Life.

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  • 6. Vijay and Sofia Zlatko

    These Belgians are the messengers of deep, sleaze, and ease. Their mixes have always tranquilized audiences, on dance floors, in bedrooms, on couches… Let’s hear it. Vijay and Sofia Zlatko.

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    Words: Ramiz Shaikh