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I Have Waited 7 Long Years For Justin Bieber To Come To India

I Have Waited 7 Long Years For Justin Bieber To Come To India

Justin Bieber performs in Mumbai. Yay!

I have followed his journey from day one. His voice, his music – it was everything my 11-year-old self dreamed of. I watched starstruck as this kid from Canada became one of the world's biggest superstars, much to the dismay of men aged 0-100. This is the story of my love for Justin Bieber.

Being a fan wasn't enough, I needed the t-shirtBeing a fan wasn't enough, I needed the t-shirt

I was 11 when I first heard him sing. He was a young kid singing on the stairs of some building in Canada. He was amazing, I was awestruck. Then “Baby” released, and my fan-girling began. I followed all his new releases, all the new songs. I bought his book, watched the movie – and blubbered through it as only a 13-year-old could. I wished that I was there at every concert I saw online, dreamt of being his “One less lonely girl” (At every concert he’d pick one random girl from the audience and take them onstage and sing to them – WHY NOT ME!) 
I bought t-shirts with his face on them, I listened to his songs on repeat, I watched him surprise his fans, wishing I was living in America or somewhere he was more likely to perform. I had posters, I bought the Bieber calendar, and of course, my profile picture on Facebook was him.

Everyone knew how big a fan I was at 11Everyone knew how big a fan I was at 11

His music got me through my teenage years. And now, at the end of my teenage decade, he’s actually performing here. Music is a huge part of my life. I have even covered a few of his songs – trying to live up to his voice. At age 11, I requested my mother that if he came to India (not that I ever thought he would) she would buy me good tickets. 

My Justin tribute

I wasn’t lucky enough - as some (most, actually) of my friends were - to jetset to Dubai to watch him perform. So I've just waited here in Bombay hoping for the day to come. After a few years went by I had almost convinced myself he would never come to India. Every time he’d release tour dates I looked for 'INDIA’, knowing full well it wouldn’t be there. My heart sank right to my feet when he announced he'd be taking a hiatus after the Purpose Tour: I knew then it would never ever happen.
But it's happened.

It was announced. 

And the first thing I said to my friends was... “Bullshit. This is some elaborate prank. A hoax. It's not true. Or he's going to cancel last minute. Just you see.” But bookmyshow started selling tickets! TICKETS! I called my boyfriend (while singing Boyfriend in my head) and starting crying because I was just so happy. I warned him “I’m going to cry when he comes on stage.” He laughed it off, but it’s going to happen.

Declaring my love for him on social mediaDeclaring my love for him on social media

The day the tickets were released my mom and I were on our laptops – she from home and I from work (my internship)– both on the phone waiting in queue for tickets. It was only when I got the confirmation email that it hit me, and almost knocked me out. I was actually going to see him live. 

Now I know he hasn’t been the greatest human being in the world, but can you blame him? He was thrown into this industry at the time all of us were still learning addition in school. Can you blame his bouts of anger towards the public? When you’re thrown into a world where you can afford anything, and nothing you do is private, you’re bound to be a little bit spoilt. Our judgment of him comes from a part of us that will NEVER understand him, and the way he’s grown up. If he can afford a jacuzzi backstage, then why not? It’s his money, if anything he’s giving one of the 7 million people in Mumbai a job. I’m sure if you were working as a Jacuzzi installer you’d have a different opinion. So he only wants specific types of water and food – maybe he’s particular about what he eats. Also, consider this: he’s travelling the world for months at a stretch, he needs to stay healthy.

A bit crazy, but who caresA bit crazy, but who cares

For the people who are annoyed at his requests (demands?) I ask you this: why do you even care? Is the fact that he wants alkaline water going to change your mind about attending his concert? Is his request for white curtains going to stop you from listening to his songs on repeat? I don’t think so. 

He shows up at a restaurant and 300 women come to simply watch him eat – can you put yourself in that position? Imagine being treated like a zoo animal your entire life. It’s horrible. That's the difference between me and a crazy fan – his music means more to me than just his physical presence. If you really respect someone, you don’t watch them eat. You treat them with respect, not like an endangered animal. 

And to everyone who says he sounds like a girl – I dare you to go back and watch videos of yourself as a 12 year old. All of you sounded like little girls too. 

On may 10th, 2017 my childhood dream will come true. And all the waiting will be worth it. I CAN’T BELIEBE (shut up) THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. 

Alright, back to my 19-year-old 'mature' self now: Where's my Raw Pressery Kale Juice?



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By Sahirah
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