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Jhelumas - Alif - 101 Sufi

A Sufi-rock ode to the river Jhelum, inspired by the Kashmir floods.

The Jhelum is the source of life and livelihood for the local residents of Kashmir. Inspired by the devastating floods in Kashmir, the song 'Jhelumas' talks about the tremendous perseverence of the Kashmiri woman. Her courage and resiliance are as constant and ever flowing as the river Jhelum itself. Sufi-rock band Alif is based out of Pune and Kashmir. Their music embodies a fusion of classic rock with Urdu/Kashmiri lyrics.

For centuries, Sufism, the inner mystical dimension of Islam, has enraptured its followers while fascinating non-believers. It effortlessly combines the meditative calmness of pure devotion with the ecstatic passion of soul-stirring music. 101Sufi is a story of both the present and the past. Modern Sufi music is presented through a series of collaborations, journeys and documentaries. The genre’s history is discovered by creating contemporary portraits of the greatest Sufi poets and scholars.


Lyrics (Kashmiri and English):

Taph karith taraan chas Jhelumas
(I sit here looking for someone to help me cross the Jhelum)
Goiur chum iwaan waechit Jhelumas
(My mind swirls, I feel light headed as I stare at its waters)
Luukh ha bas wichaan aabas Jhelumas
(Many have wanted to cross this river)
Jigiras taraan sui Jhelumas
(But only the brave can)

Chas behith adris beithis Jhelumas 
(I sit here on the banks of the river)
Kadlay taar dei na kahn Jhelumas
(Will someone help me cross?) 
Naaive hundh paile chu aaivul Jhelumas
(My boat is fragile)
Khotsan chas naaive manz Jhelumas 
(And I fear to cross alone)

Kusu boze kaswane naar ha loug Jhelumas
(Is anyone listening? Who can I tell? My river is on fire!)
Khotsan chas be yer ma gas Jhelumas
(And I fear I shall slip into its waters)

Pherukh Poo'h's chum odur Jhelumas 
(The lining of my coat is soaked in the waters)
Teer ha cham lagan aabas Jhelumas
(The water of the Jhelum feels cold)
chim dapaan saeri haan chi taar Jhelumas 
(Everyone says I should cross the river)
Pairaan chus chum aapaire Jhelumas 
(But I wonder who's waiting for me there)