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The Making Of Like A Sufi | 101 Sufi

The story of how Sufi rock and hip hop met to create an instant classic.

Pune based Sufi-ethnic rock band Alif came together with MC Kash to create a piece of music that transcends the boundaries of genre. 'Like A Sufi', an attempt to capture the mysticism and beauty that is Kashmir, became an instant hit. Listen to the track here:

For centuries, Sufism, the inner mystical dimension of Islam, has enraptured its followers while fascinating non-believers. It effortlessly combines the meditative calmness of pure devotion with the ecstatic passion of soul-stirring music. 101Sufi is a story of both the present and the past. Modern Sufi music is presented through a series of collaborations, journeys and documentaries. The genre’s history is discovered by creating contemporary portraits of the greatest Sufi poets and scholars.