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Murder - Prabh Deep - Live At Hip Hop Homeland

Delhi-based MC brings the heat to a hip hop crowd in Mumbai.

Up and coming Delhi-based MC Prabh Deep Sagar brought the beat to antiSOCIAL, Khar on 27th April, with his track Murder, performed LIVE at #HipHopHomeland.

They've been performing their take on desi hip hop in the gullies and bylanes of Mumbai for years. They've built a hardcore fan following in the chawls, rapping about the things that affect their lives. On 27th April, 2016, they finally made it to the stage. And they blew it up. Performing to a packed audience at antiSOCIAL, Khar in Mumbai, desi hip hop stars Divine, Naezy, MC Todfod, MC Mawali, Prabh Deep and Mumbai's Finest dropped the mic on the biggest underground musical movement brewing in the city. Performances out soon on

Prabh Deep Sagar is an MC from New Delhi, India. Gifted with a unique voice that contains traces of traditional Punjabi folk singers, Prabh has been at the forefront of Delhi's hip-hop scene. Besides being a recording artist, Prabh also pushes for and organizes MC Battles in the city.