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Why Taher Shah Really Is An Angel

Easy to Hate Him but 101India LOVES TAHER SHAH

Not only is his name the perfect blend of Gujju-Paki brotherhood, but he’s brought over a million grumpy Indians and Pakistanis together to share a moment of collective comedy. What our governments fail to do time after time, one man manages with regular genius. Screw the foreign secretary level stuff. Hire Taher for some real eye to eye. 

Taher Shah simplifies things - it may be his naivety, stupidity or just his sheer genius. In his simple appeals to love, unite and celebrate Taher Shah, intentionally or not, actually does bring us back from the precipice of anger, dirty politics and global violence into his pantomime world of cuddles, brotherhood-in-girls-clothes, and XXL sized angels.

Set in a lush no-mans land populated only by Adam and Eve angels and their overweight cherubic progeny - a grumpy looking ladoo with a double chin, Taher’s new video shines with nonsense lyrics, absurd costumes and an over zealous drone camera that often looks like its going to crash into him. 

India has MSG and Pakistan has Taher Shah. But for my money this guy is the real love charger because there are no hard edges here. He is what he is and he does what he does with so much conviction that you just have to say, girly dress or not, this guy has balls.

Let's not question the pehelwan-cherub nor how the blonde bride-angel thingie with the facemask floats across the landscape defying the laws of gravity, because these three together are better than any Marvel superhero league. And they only want to spread love and light. Through something resembling music. 


I thank the internet gods for Taher. Gangnam style was a one hit wonder. But Taher Shah now has two. You can shit on him but you can’t deny that the man has a hypnotic quality. And every video brings us a new facet of his genius. This time is was the wardrobe. So what if he looks like a Punjabi Maid Marion with a testosterone overload? So what if he looks like the offspring of a Borgia and the only ugly Elf of Middle Earth, you’re watching and sharing aren’t you? So what if he murders the English language? Or if the words don’t really make sense (“without you my love stays alone like a mermaid lives alone”), but we know what he means (sort of), and his intentions are pure. 

He’s taken Kenny G and Richard Clayderman, dunked them in a vat of honey to produce a cloyingly brilliant oeuvre that will cheer me up for years to come. For that, I thank him. 

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Taher Shah is Pakistan's national treasure. Lets hope they use him well. If he ever decides to come to India, I will be at the airport with a mala and a brass band wearing a wedding dress (ok maybe not), and I bet you that even the most ardent of our nouveau nationalists will welcome this Pakistani here with the same open arms he throws at us in “Angel”.

Amid the anger, hatred and dirty politics of our world, Taher Shah brings light, love and laughter. And for that he’s my Angel.

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By Cybaba
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