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He Loves The Way She Brushes Her Teeth, And She Loves His Calmness In Chaos.

Madboy/Mink are everything you imagine them to be: effervescent, opinionated and crazy about each other.  

Making Good Music’s No Rocket Science For Kolkata’s Oh, Rocket!

Singer Aniket Dutta talks about his exciting new indietronica project, his fascination for things like broccoli, conch and kimono, and why he doesn't believe...

On World Music Day, Musicians Tell Us About Things That Changed Their Lives

Five artistes from across India share with us the tales of music, lyrics, experiences and events that have impacted them

Loved The Stunning Stages At Supersonic? Meet The Man Who Made Them

Visual artiste and stage designer VJ KayCee talks about visual makeovers, stage designs and why there would be no music festival without it.

We Asked India’s Top Concert Photographers To Share Their Best Images. This Is What We...

The best moments include Steve Aoki atop his console and Simple Plan frontman in the middle of a crowd dive

These Three Indie Record Labels Are Giving A Whole New Meaning To DIY

Pagal Haina, ennui.BOMB and Qilla Records are bringing indie artistes closer to their real fans.

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The Poster Boy Of Indie Singer-Songwriters Does It Again!

Siddharth Basrur’s newest band – Last Remaining Light – has been making all the right noise lately. We speak to the man to discover why.

Delhi Duo FuzzCulture Is Indie Music’s Newest Darling. We Find Out Why

The electro-rock outfit talks about bending genres in their new album, their “infuriating” creative collisions and their biggest fears.

Trust A World-Famous Rock Star To Underplay The Sheer Awesomeness Of Being A World-Famous...

Guns ‘N’ Roses guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ talks about his recent visit to India, his range of gluten-free hot sauces and acting in a...

Alt-J Makes Hearts Skip A Beat In The Sizzling May Heat

The English indie band performed to a crowd full of frenzied – and sweating – fans at Mumbai’s hippest venue, Richardson & Cruddas

The King Is Gone

Even as Indian musicians bid goodbye to the blues legend BB King, we take a look at the fledgling blues scene in the country

Stop Everything And Check Out These Young And Incredible Under-26-Year-Olds

Age is no barrier for these mind-blowing musicians who are hitting all the right notes.