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Why Do Engineering Students Love Metal So Much?

We connect the angst engineering students face with the raw aggression of metal.

Dahi Handi | Video Yatra

Reaching new heights with Mumbai's human pyramids.

Video Yatra: The Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race

A musical journey through one of Kerala's biggest cultural events.

The Story Behind The Song Jhelumas | 101 Sufi

The making of a Sufi-rock ballad inspired by the Kashmir floods.

The Making Of Like A Sufi | 101 Sufi

The story of how Sufi rock and hip hop met to create an instant classic.

Have We Earned The Right To Play Tribute Gigs?

Should the independent music scene just stick to originals, bad as they may be?

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I Spend A Sweaty Afternoon In Mumbai With Kashmiri Sufi Singer Muneem

I discover why his parents have never heard him sing.

Murder - Prabh Deep - Live At Hip Hop Homeland

Delhi-based MC brings the heat to a hip hop crowd in Mumbai.

Tragedy Mein Comedy - Naezy - Live At Hip Hop Homeland

The conscious-rap star performs the AIB theme song LIVE!

Hip Hop Seekha - Swadesi - Live At Hip Hop Homeland

MC Mawali, MC Todfod and Shakahari rap about their roots & how they got in the game.

Beastmode - Mumbai's Finest - Live At Hip Hop Homeland

Mumbai's first rap crew performing at Mumbai's first mainstream Hip Hop gig.

Jungli Sher - Divine - Live At Hip Hop Homeland

The Underground rap star from Mumbai, performing LIVE.