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Music Stories From India


If You Haven't Heard Chinese Man, Do Yourself A Favour And Get On With It

The French trip hop band collaborates with Indian musicians before their India debut.

Behad Bohat - Music Video - Inspired By A True Love Story

Pune-based ethnic sufi rock band Alif composed a ballad to a true love story.

They Raided My Studio, They Put My Engineers Behind Bars

Rapper MC Kash opens up about his travails as a musician and his dreams of a peaceful Kashmir.

Taylor Maiden/Taj: A Tribute By British Band Hicari

British band HICARI were so moved hearing the story of the retired postmaster who used his life's savings to build another ‎Taj Mahal for his dying wife,...

MC Kash aka Roushan Illahi: Hip Hop Homeland

Political strife turned Kashmiri Rapper MC Kash to the hip hop life.

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Middle Eastern Rockers Ouzo Bazooka Debut In Mumbai

The Israeli quartet keeps it real with their retro-meets-modern-day music.

The Beast Within: Hip Hop Homeland

The Beast Mode crew wants to put India on the international hip hop map.

The Rapscallion: Hip Hop Homeland

Enterprising rapper Dee MC minces no words and feels her swag comes from being a simple Indian kid.

Just beat it: Hip Hop Homeland

India’s first beat boxing group on being niche and the challenges they face.

Alleviating Hip Hop: Hip Hop Homeland

Kenyan artist on home grown hip hop and finding his space in Mumbai.

Breaking Boundaries: Hip Hop Homeland

B-girl Shawty Pink carries the unofficial tag of being the fastest, but she’s not done yet.