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Voctronica: Hip Hop Homeland

India's first hit acapella group talks about their hip hop roots.

MC Bobkat aka Robert Omulo: Hip Hop Homeland

Veteran MC and DJ originally from Kenya, killing it on the Mumbai hiphop scene.

Beast Mode Crew: Hip Hop Homeland

An all-star crew from Mumbai's underground hip hop scene.

Dee MC aka Deepa Unnikrishnan: Hip Hop Homeland

What does it take for a female rapper to break to the top in India? Dee MC lays it out.

Shawty Pink aka Preeti Tiwari: Hip Hop Homeland

India's fastest b-girl overcame harsh realities to follow her dreams.

Meet The King of Rhymes And Verses: Hip Hop Homeland

The MF crew member talks about live elements in Hip Hop and balancing his penchant for rapping in English and Hindi.

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Acing It For A Decade: Hip Hop Homeland

The guardian of Mumbai rap on how it started and rap going mainstream.

Taal Order: The Easy Going Mawali With A Twist In His Hip Hop Tales: Hip Hop Homeland

Mawali talks about the underground, upgrading his skills and upcoming UK gigs.

Graveyard Shift Artist: Zake: Hip Hop Homeland

Mumbai graffiti pioneer Zake, is on a mission to splash some colour on this city. And he likes to be anonymous about it.

Breaking into the world arena with B-boy Arif: Hip Hop Homeland

B-boy Flying Machine on pushing boundaries and flipping into the big league.

Todfod Revolution: Hip Hop Homeland

The only Gujarati rapper on his nick name and newfound underground fame.

MC Todfod aka Dharmesh Parmar: #HipHopHomeland

India's first Gujarati rapper from the streets of Mumbai.