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Flying Machine aka B-boy Arif: #HipHopHomeland

Redbull BC One winning b-boy Flying Machine lays down some sick moves.

Ace aka 39 aka Abhishek: #HipHopHomeland

Mumbai's Finest lead MC Ace talks about setting up the underground hip hop scene in Mumbai

Zake: Graffiti Artist: #HipHopHomeland

Visual artist Zake talks about being a pioneer of Mumbai's graffiti scene.

Kinga Rhymes aka Sahir Nawab: #HipHopHomeland

The son of a well known Bollywood lyricist takes to the streets with the sound of Hip Hop.

Into Magnetic Fields: My Weekend In A Rajasthani Palace With Ratatat And Shigeto

I travelled to a remote village in Rajasthan to attend one of the trippiest music festivals in the country.

The Five Acts That Restored My Faith At Magnetic Fields Festival

Kunal headed to Rajasthan struggling with a quarter life crisis and wondering whether there was any point to it all.

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Going Beyond The Music: An Insight Into The World Of Visual Jockeys

Enter a new breed of entertainers who work behind the scenes to create an audio-visual experience.

10 Songs To Get You Hooked To David Bowie

Here is a list of ten tunes I grew up listening to and I hope it acts as an initiation into the world of David Bowie.

Christmas At An EDM Concert; Here's Why I'm Giving Up On People

Half-assed music, a half-assed concert, and making acquaintance with a vapid generation.

A Visit To The Underwhelming Second Edition Of The Vans New Wave Musicfest

Akhil Sood tries to understand the role of live music at a festival.

I Felt Like My Ass Was On Fire With The Performance Of Tails On Fire

This Chennai quartet has more energy than I’ve ever seen on stage.

Why I Didn’t Go To Weekender This Year

I took a leap of faith and headed to Chennai in the floods for IndiearthXchange.