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Monisha Narke: Turning Mumbai's waste into wealth

For the fourth season of MG Changemakers, 101 India and MG Motor India have come together. The ultimate focus of this campaign is to tell the empowering stories of the women who are pushing for social change in their communities. Here's the story of Monisha Narke; the woman fought the resistance to change people's mindsets. 

A metropolis like Mumbai generates 10,000 metric tonnes of waste per day, and without initiatives like Monisha's to segregate and manage the mountains of waste, we'd soon be drowning under its weight. Her contribution is now converting 750 tons of kitchen waste through her RUR Green Gold Aerobic composter.

Ivy League graduate Monisha Narke was aware that resistance to change would be strong. In, 2010, she started an initiative called "Go green with Tetra pack", where the cartons are pulped, compressed, and converted into solid sheets that replaces wood. Today there are fifty-four collection centers in Mumbai under the initiative that provides recycled furniture to multiple schools and self-help groups.

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