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Mumbai Rising: Bhendi Bazaar Cluster Development | All Access Mumbai with Milind Deora

Many of the buildings in Mumbai's Bhendi Bazaar are over 100 years old, and at risk of imminent collapse. But many of the residents living here have been here for generations. Their homes, their families, their entire lives are based in the area. So how do you get them to move out temporarily to develop the area's infrastructure? Join Milind Deora on a behind the scenes tour of India's first ambitious 'Cluster Redevelopment Project'.

'The City of Dreams', 'The City That Never Sleeps' - Mumbai has many sides to it, and most of us will never get to see all of them. But for once, we have a chance to see Mumbai as we never have before. Not with a young host or a journalist, but with former South Mumbai MP Milind Deora.

On 'All Access Mumbai', Milind Deora takes us on a journey into the heart of his city, as he sees it. Come meet the people and see the places that we would never be able to see - the Mumbai airport Air Traffic Control centre or behind the stage at Mumbai's biggest Ganapati pandal, Lalbaugcha Raja. Meet the brave men and women of Mumbai's Fire brigade, and come find out how the Koli community puts fresh fish on our tables day after day. It's a look at the human side of the city that never sleeps.