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Nalini: Woman who fought for the dignity of labor

For the fourth season of MG Changemakers, 101 India and MG Motor India have come together. The ultimate focus of this campaign is to tell the empowering stories of the women who are pushing for social change in their communities. Here's the story of Nalini Shekar; the woman fought the system and reclaimed the dignity of waste pickers.

Waste collection in India is done informally by waste pickers with no job security, income stability, or access to a social safety net. It would be grossly irresponsible to not recognize these workers, who are the pillars of our society's sustainability. 

Nalini fought the administration arduously in order to include waste pickers as indispensable workers in the system. Our society identifies them as the Dalits and untouchables but what we don't know is that these waste pickers save about 400k tonnes of reusable waste from entering landfills each year. Today, thanks to Nalini's fierce battle, more than 30,000 waste pickers leave for work with a sense of security and restored confidence.

Episode 5 of MG Changemakers Season 4 will feature her journey of unyielding dedication to change!