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The Last Anglo-Indian Jockeys Of Kolkata | 101 Traces

The community brought horse racing to Kolkata. But how much longer will this legacy last?

The Alfords are considered the first family of horse racing in Kolkata. Rutherford Alford was the last in a line of jockeys going back five generations. That is, until a tragic accident on the track in 2006 left him with a spinal injury. Even though he is now unable to ride, the accident hasn't dampened Rutherford's love for the sport. He still visits the track twice a day.

The Anglo-Indian community has been upholding the legacy of horse racing in Kolkata. But many members of the younger generation have moved on to other careers in other countries, following better prospects. Will the next generation of Anglo-Indians in Kolkata continue the family tradition? Only time will tell.

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