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The Last Days Of The Circus | 101 Traces

The owner of the Great Golden Circus talks about its glory days, and the bleak future of the circus.

Anwar Khan runs the Great Golden Circus, a massive act spanning multiple tents and acts. Once boasting crowds in excess of 2000 people per show, and running as many as 4 shows a day, today, a good show has an audience of 100 people. Anwar fears that the days of the circus are numbered.

101 Traces looks at the last of anything: ethnic communities, folk craftsmen, disappearing trades, forgotten people. It sketches portraits of these unique individuals, locked in a battle they cannot win: a battle against the future. Together, they represent the dying whispers of ancient heritage and traditional individuality. As India moves towards homogenized global pop culture, 101 Traces honors the people, the objects, and the skills that connect us to our ancient identity.