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More Indian Than An Indian? | 101 Heartland

This German woman speaks fluent Hindi, and probably knows more bhajans than you.
Chaitanya was always fascinated with India and its culture, even as a child. When she came to India, it was love at first sight. At 21, she moved to India and has since devoted her life to Lord Krishna, following the path of 'adhyatmikta' or spirituality. She learnt Hindi and Sanskrit in Vrindavan, and now teaches yoga at an ashram in Rishikesh.

101 Heartland celebrates both unique communities and individual tales of hope, struggle, and reform. From the village of bouncers just outside Delhi to the fascinating story of Ram Kumar Tyagi, once a wanted man but now a coach for aspiring female wrestlers, 101 Heartland tells stories for the heart, from the heartland.