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Wtf Is Cosplay? Meet India's First Cosplayer | 101 Subway

She's a psycho killer, she's an elf, she's a superhero, she's from Powai.

Meet Niharika Patil, aka Niha Novacaine, India's first professional cosplayer. WTF is cosplay, you ask? It's a way to escape into another reality, another universe. It's a way for an ordinary person to transform into someone extraordinary, just for a little while. Explore the world of costumes, makeup and superheroes, movies and anime with India's first cosplayer.

101 Subway takes a look at people whose beliefs, values, styles, and attitudes differ from that of the prevailing culture. Subway looks at India’s evolving sub culture scene across trends like Cosplay, BMX, Graffiti Art, Street Art and even the culture of weed.