101 Magnificent Motorcycle Men



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Bikes. They come in all shapes and sizes. Choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, you name it. Even more interesting are the men and women who build their lives around building, tweaking and riding them. 101 Magnificent Motorcycle Men is a webseries that celebrates the biker - that lone soul who'd rather be in the middle of nowhere on two wheels, than anywhere else.

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A Fine Vintage: The 1941 BSA M20

Two men who lovingly restored one of the longest serving motorcycles in British military history to its wartime glory. The BSA M20 was the most used British motorcycle during World War II, with over 125,000 bikes in active service, and a civilian variant for the general public. These bikes would be bought by members of the public at army auctions back in the day. But after 1957, the import of these beautiful motorcycles was stopped. Today, these bikes are found in old garages, junkyards and sometimes, with passionate collectors. Adhiraj Singh Khatipura, owner of Rajputana Jeeps, is one of these collectors. His father bought a BSA M20 from Guruji, a mechanic renowned in Jaipur for working on imported motorcycles. Restoring the bike has been Adhiraj's labour of love, searching for individual parts and putting them together, in a process that took almost a year to complete. Together with Guruji's son Kailashchand, Adhiraj hopes to keep young bikers today interested in the magnificent machines that make up our biking history.

series: 101 Magnificent Motorcycle Men


Flat Tracking With Vijay Singh

Grab some gear, drop your tyre pressure and get down in the dirt for a racing lesson from the man behind Rajputana Custom Motorcycles. Flat tracking is one of the oldest forms of motorcycle racing, with it's roots in the early 1900s. Flat tracking, also called dirt tracking, teaches riders to handle their bikes at high speeds, making it an excellent breeding ground for Moto GP racers. Vijay Singh from Rajputana Customs walks us through what it takes to get started on a flat track, and it really isn't all that much.

series: 101 Magnificent Motorcycle Men


The Jordaar Biker

Vijay Singh from Rajputana Customs talks about his love and passion for biking that culminated in one hell of a bike. How do you capture the essence of a person and a city into a machine? Custom bike builder and owner of Rajputana Customs, Vijay Singh shows what it takes. He walks us through his journey to becoming a biker, a bike builder, and everything that led up to creating the Jordaar HD883, a beast of a machine.

series: 101 Magnificent Motorcycle Men

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