101 Tap That I Dahi Handi



Language: Hindi/English

Genre: Travel & Food

101 Tap That is an immersive travel show in which our hosts and their unsuspecting friends plunge themselves into a series of incredible “Taps” set for them by the online community and well wishers.

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From The Series


Dahi Handi Ep 1

After trying his hand at kushti in Varanasi and the traditional snake boat race of Vallam Kali in Kerala, Harman sets off to join the human pyramids of Mumbai's Dahi Handi. How high will Harman's tower grow?

series: 101 Tap That I Dahi Handi


Dahi Handi Ep 2

One urban brat joins in Mumbai's biggest Human Pyramid! We've seen them cause traffic jams and form processions on the streets. This year, we sent Harman Singha out to participate in Mumbai's biggest Human Pyramid with last year's winning team - Kurla's Ambika Seva Mandal. It's sweaty, heavy work. Is Harman cut out for it? Special thanks to Ambika Seva Mandal!

series: 101 Tap That I Dahi Handi

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