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Genre: Arts & Culture

101 India's Briefs to the Creative Community

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Finding The Sound Of Nexa Blue

What does the colour blue sound like? Nexa and 101 India tasked three musicians, a composer and a director with the task of interpreting the signature Nexa Blue in an innovative way. Synesthesia is a neurological condition by which two senses get crossed. For these synesthetes, when they hear music, they see a colour. Using this skill, the unique colour of Nexa Blue was interpreted in the form of music.

series: 101 The Brief I Monsoon


The Middle (Music Video)

Gender fluidity, conveyed through music and art.

series: 101 The Brief I Monsoon


The Monsoon Brief - Theyyam In Kerala

Capturing the essence of India's monsoon through film and sound. Academy Award Winning sound designer Resul Pookutty, director Sajeed A., music composer Reuel Benedict, and cinematographer Hari K. Vedantam were given a brief: interpret the monsoon through film. The result was a look at one of Kerala's most beautiful and gruelling art forms: Theyyam. Theyyam is a ritual dance form performed in Kerala, which dates back thousands of years, as far back as the Neolithic era. The dance is generally performed in front of the village shrine. The performer invokes a deity, who then performs using the artist as a medium.

series: 101 The Brief I Monsoon


Home Away From Home | Music Video & Making Of

A song for the rains, and how it came to be. Track: Home Away From Home Artists: Reuel Benedict & Sahirah Mix Engineer: Shantanu Hudlikar Theyyam Artist: 'Vettakkorumakan' by Payyannur Ganeshan Director: Sajeed A DOP: Hari K. Vedantam & Magesh M Editor & Colourist: Shara Sethna Monsoon Sequence Colour Grading: Swapnil Patole (Famous Studios) Asst. Director & Editor: Yash Bandi

series: 101 The Brief I Monsoon

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