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Bootcamp - MMA To Akhada - Episode 2 | 101 Roots

India's #1 MMA crew Team Relentless gets an akhada-style workout.

Team Relentless is an MMA crew comprising India's top ranked mixed martial arts fighters - Chaitanya 'Dangerous' Gavali, Andrew Canday and Yadvinder 'The Beast' Singh. They've journeyed back to Yad's village in Punjab to learn the secrets of mud wrestling from the akhada pehlwans. There's no dumbbells or fancy equipment here, just guys with maces, truck tyres and akhada exercises!

Roots is a journey back, a journey to discover the origins of our crafts, traditions, heritage and even our selves. Who we are and what we do are reflections of where we come from — and where we might be headed.