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Chaitanya (MMA) vs Mandeep (Akhada) - Episode 3 | 101 Roots

Can an MMA Champion's technique take on a kushti pehlwan's endurance?

Chaitanya 'Dangerous' Gavali has won multiple Mixed Martial Arts Championships, and is India's top MMA fighter. But the speed and technique that have made him one of the most dangerous fighters in the world, may not help him in a mudpit! Chaitanya's greatest challenge may not be in a ring or a cage, but in the mudpit of a local akhada in Punjab! Will Chaitanya's speed and technique match up to the strength and endurance needed to last in an akhada?

Roots is a journey back, a journey to discover the origins of our crafts, traditions, heritage and even our selves. Who we are and what we do are reflections of where we come from — and where we might be headed.