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Flat Tracking With Vijay Singh | 101 Magnificent Motorcycle Men

Grab some gear, drop your tyre pressure and get down in the dirt for a racing lesson from the man behind Rajputana Custom Motorcycles.

Flat tracking is one of the oldest forms of motorcycle racing, with it's roots in the early 1900s. Flat tracking, also called dirt tracking, teaches riders to handle their bikes at high speeds, making it an excellent breeding ground for Moto GP racers. Vijay Singh from Rajputana Customs walks us through what it takes to get started on a flat track, and it really isn't all that much.

Bikes. They come in all shapes and sizes. Choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, you name it. Even more interesting are the men and women who build their lives around building, tweaking and riding them. 101 Magnificent Motorcycle Men celebrates the biker - that lone soul who'd rather be in the middle of nowhere on two wheels, than anywhere else.