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Koovagam: Episode 2: The Wedding Of Lord Aravan | 101 All The Way In

Rosh attends Miss Koovagam 2017 and meets Tanuja, one of Aravan’s badass brides. 

Every year in May, Asia’s largest transgender festival transforms the sleepy village of Koovagam into a hotspot of activity. The 15-day festival is full of madness, religion, energy, culture, sex and so much more, as Rosh finds out. Attending the now famous Miss Koovagam, Rosh meets the firebrand Tanuja, who becomes his guide for the rest of the journey.

Watch Part 1 of Rosh’s journey here:

India's culture, festivals and people can only be truly understood when they are experienced to their fullest. When you don't just see them, you live them. It's one thing to see a cultural festival; it's quite another to experience it up close and personal, warts and all. From meeting (and bathing) the star attraction of Thrissur Pooram's elephant festival to spending time working in a makeshift brothel at Koovagam, Asia's largest transgender festival, city boy and party animal Roshmin is on his way to experience India's people and culture head first. Not just to see how they live, but to live their lives.

He might love it, he might hate it. He might want nothing more than to get out. But he's going #AllTheWayIn!