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On The Road: Episode 2: My Epic Adventure

City boy Rosh is on the journey of a lifetime, out to discover the true meaning of the word 'epic'. Together with Divyesh & Vineeta Muni and their team of expert mountain climbers, he will attempt to travel to the Himalayas and scale the mighty unclimbed peak Shahi Kangri (6934 mts). After completing their final packing in the city of Jammu, the team travels by road to the Ladakh Valley. Passing through Dras, the second coldest inhabited location on the planet, the team will traverse the infamous Zoji La pass, one of the most dangerous motorable roads in the world, where disaster is always one skid away.

My Epic Adventure is an 8-part webseries that follows the journey of a sheltered young urban lad and host of the series Rosh across the peaks of Himalayas. Accompanying him are seasoned and disciplined mountaineers Divyesh Muni, his wife Vineeta and their team. Rajesh Gadgil is a fellow climber who has been scaling mountains with Divyesh & Vineeta for 27 years. Joining them is Dinesh Koday, a cancer survivor, recently recovering from knee ligament surgery. The final member of the expedition is Ratnesh, a prolific climber making his comeback to mountaineering after 10 years. Together with a crew of dedicated sherpas and some sturdy steeds, they will explore the route to the eastern Karakoram mountain range, and attempt to scale the virgin peaks Shahi Kangri (6934 mts) and Nya Kangri (6530 mts).