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Travel & Food

My Encounter With The Buddhist Monks Of Ladakh

A spiritual journey to one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in India.

The Ladakh Food Trail With Rosh

Learn the secret recipes for Ladakh's most popular traditional dishes!

The Journey Begins: Episode 1: My Epic Adventure

A city boy, a cancer survivor and expert mountain climbers attempt to climb a virgin peak in the Himalayas.

The River Of Death: Episode 5: My Epic Adventure

The expedition crew attempts to cross the river Shyok, an unpredictable beast, prone to flooding.

Man Down: Episode 4: My Epic Adventure

Rosh plays a drinking game at high altitude, and has to pay the price.

Final Ascent: Episode 8: My Epic Adventure

The epic last leg of an epic journey: crossing the last few hundred metres to the peak.

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Mount Roshmore: Episode 3: My Epic Adventure

An acclimatisation climb in the lower Himalayas quickly becomes Rosh's first ascent.

Plan B - Nya Kangri: Episode 7: My Epic Adventure

This expedition team hops mountains in the Himalayas like you would hop bars in the city.

On The Road: Episode 2: My Epic Adventure

Rosh and the team navigate the beautiful, treacherous roads from Jammu to Ladakh.

Moving Mountains: Episode 6: My Epic Adventure

The expedition team explores three routes to climb Shahi Kangri, realising this may be harder than they thought.

My Name Is Quazi And I Am Not A Beef Eater

The difficulties of finding a house in Mumbai as a single Muslim woman.

The Black Magic Capital Of India, Where People Can Tame Wild Beasts And Cure Every Disease

Meet a man who practices black magic and chants his way to defy science.