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Getting Intimate with Sushant Divgikar, Mr. Gay India Part 1

 We caught up with Sushant a few hours before he left for the Mr. Gay World pageant in Rome. Go diva go!

Sumo Didi Hetal Dave: India's First Pro Sumo Wrestler

Hetal Dave is India’s answer to Sumo wrestling.

Mahesh Niwatkar: Pop Cop: Policeman By Day, Star By Night!

The Mumbai Police get a lot of bad press. But there’s another side to their story.

The Knee Race

Ready, steady, on all fours, go!

The Chamcha Games

Years of stringent training and toe-licking dedication have led to the highest standards in the world of Chamcha sports.

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The Great Indian Chamcha: oiliness is next to godliness

Their supreme devotion to their ‘lords’ is mind-boggling. They will run, they will kill, they will die for their God!