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The reason she stopped sharing a bed.

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The reason she stopped sharing a bed.

Rajni was new to the city. Sunaina was the only person she knew. She needed a place to live and decided to stay with her since she had recently rented a new apartment.

Their sleeping arrangement was - Sunaina slept in the hall, and Rajni in the bedroom. But every night Sunaina would nudge her and come sleep next to her. This continued for a week,  and even though it wasn’t the most comfortable situation, she couldn’t complain as Sunaina was really her last resort in Mumbai. She also left for work before Rajni woke up, so she usually managed to get a couple of hours on her own.

One night Sunaina called to say that she was spending the night at her boyfriend's place. Finally alone on the bed she dozed off. While in deep sleep she was nudged, her friend was back on the bed.

She made space for her but then realised Sunaina was out for the night. She turned slowly and saw an old woman staring right into her eyes. Rajni fainted.

Next day Sunaina returned from her boyfriend's place and saw Rajni staring blankly at the ceiling. Worried, she asked her what was wrong. Rajni hugged her tight and began to  narrate her ordeal.

“Every night you would come and sleep beside me, so last night…..”

Sunaina backed away and said, “But I never slept beside you!”

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By Rahul Gavankar
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